monthly favorites: july!

i’m back with my favorites for the month of july! it’s only been four weeks since june ended but it feels like ages ago. time passes so slowly and yet so quickly during the summer!!! anyway, here are the best of the best that i’ve encountered in the second half of my summer! :”)


films ୨୧ ˻˳˯ₑ*॰


hail, caesar!


green room

vampire style!

what we do in the shadows

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) COLIN FARRELL, BARRY KEOGHAN

the killing of a sacred deer

hail, caesar! was my favorite of the month (and is now among my five all-time favorite films) but rest assured i literally have not stopped thinking about all of these films all month-long. woohoo! we love good cinema!!! :”)


books ୨୧ ˻˳˯ₑ*॰

i read four books this month, twice what i read in june! yay for progress!!

these were my favorites! i happened to spot the heart is a lonely hunter at the library one day and felt oddly compelled to read it. i’d never heard of it before, and i’d no idea that it was such a famous book! love u carson, queen of poignant, moving literature!!!

as you like it was sent to me by lollie and i was SO READY to read it bc it’s her favorite of shakespeare’s plays!!! it’s so funny and so relatable and celia i LOVE u so much my angel… to quote my goodreads review:

would pay shakespeare to clown on me even HALF as hard as touchstone clowned on all the people he encountered in the forest thanks


music ୨୧ ˻˳˯ₑ*॰

one of my goals for the month of july was to listen to the killers’ entire discography! i made it about halfway through – hot fuss is the album i come back to again and again.

i also finally listened to panic’s new album, pray for the wicked and ugh! brendon can do absolutely no wrong with this new music he’s putting out !!! while death of a bachelor is the nearest and dearest to my heart, this one is coming in at a close second.

favorite tracks: hot fuss

ੈ♡˳ all these things i’ve done

ੈ♡˳ andy, you’re a star

ੈ♡˳ everything will be alright

favorite tracks: pray for the wicked

ੈ♡˳ say amen (saturday night)

ੈ♡˳ roaring 20s

ੈ♡˳ high hopes


character ୨୧ ˻˳˯ₑ*॰


hobie doyle from hail, caesar! ♡꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱ aaa my honey bunches of oats !!! my angel my apple bun my precious babie boy !!! i never knew there was a perfect character just waiting for me until hobie came along,,, he’s the sweetest, softest, kindest, most innocent, most precious little angel n i want to give him the whole world !!! and that’s the tea! hobie if ur reading this i love youuuu !!!!! ♡♡♡


miscellaneous ୨୧ ˻˳˯ₑ*॰

a few more things i enjoyed in the month of july!

favorite hobby:


studying cinematography! this subject has been of growing interest to me lately, especially as i’ve been working on my own film projects. there’s a lot more that goes into it than just framing the shot, and i’ve been taking as many notes as i can in the hopes of improving my own camera work. roger deakins has been a huge inspiration to me this month!

favorite film composer:


max richter! i was first introduced to him through the hostiles score, aka my second favorite film score of all time, and thought – ok! so this score makes me cry. that’s fine. i watched testament of youth. absolutely heartbreaking! thanks max! then my mom watched hostiles a couple of weeks ago and i heard just the FIRST notes of the score from the other room and i started crying again!!! i was like !!!!! max you absolute heartbreaker!!! this man’s music is so evocative and so beautiful and everything in me wants to be just like him! he’s a minimalist and a neo-classical composer but it never comes off as pretentious… listening to his interviews inspires me so much, he makes composing sound so effortless and simple. that’s how i’m trying to be! ugh i love you max!!! thank u for my life!

favorite quote:

❝ i will find the way to do this. so be it! see to it! ❞ — octavia butler


i hope you guys had a lovely month of july!! it’s hard to believe we’re already here at the end. what were your favorites from this month? did you find a new favorite film of all time? or a new favorite character that you just love to pieces? let me know in the comments below, and i’ll see you back with a new post at the end of august! :o)

take care, lovelies! and as always – happy film watching !!! ❤

dana ✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )


weekly watches: july 23 – 30


Stephen King's It Trailer screen grab

director: andy muschietti

cinematographer: chung chunghoon

composer: benjamin wallfisch

alright……. i have some words for every person who encouraged me to watch this by saying “it’s not scary” knowing full well i’m a gigantic scaredy cat…… HOO BOY this was only partly a mistake because i enjoyed it so much!!!

it was pretty much everything i was hoping for in terms of the 80s aesthetique. i loved the fashion, i loved the set design, and i especially loved the coloring. give me more films like this please!!! i don’t even care what happens in it, as long as i get to steep in the nostalgia of a past era for a good two hours. the cinematography was beautiful, too – the dp for this film also did the handmaiden and i’ve gotta give him props for both!

also – as you can probably guess by my last post, i absolutely ADORED the losers club! my literal sons and daughter!!! they made the scary parts so much more bearable for me, especially eddie… heavens i love this tightly-wound little hypochondriac. and his outfits? ALWAYS perfect! he pioneered the fanny pack look and that’s the tea! my favorite of the group is definitely bill, aka my brave son who i raised since birth and would chase down pennywise for… his stammer is so endearing and his unending love for georgie warms my heart. give this child the entire world please and thank you!!!!

rating: ✮✮✮✮


hunt for the wilderpeople

hunt for

director: taika waititi

cinematographer: lachlan milne

composers: lukasz pawel buda, samuel scott, & conrad wedde

since i’m officially a taika waititi stan after seeing what we do in the shadows, it was only natural that i watch this gem, too! gosh his cameos in these films are so FUNNY i love one man and one man only!! hunt for the wilderpeople is equal parts sweet and hilarious, a true ode to friendships and the strange places we find them. i loved our two main characters, especially hec – he’s the perfect balance of grumpy old man and kindly father figure.

i had pretty high expectations for this based on letterboxd, but in the end i thought it was just ok! i think the stakes could have been much higher than they were – it never felt like anything was at risk, you know? it seems clear from the very beginning that ricky is going to end up in a good home, regardless of the whole being chased by entire police and armed forces for like… five months. also spoiler but when bella dies, it doesn’t seem like ricky has a believable reaction….like…. at all. she housed him and saved him from juvie and cared for him like a mother but then she passes away and he isn’t seen mourning her once afterward. i think the writers tried to justify his reaction with the whole amber story but it didn’t really give any weight to his lack of compassion. kinda… weird.

anyway! some of the humor is sooo so funny (psycho sam SAVED this film) but other times it fell flat for me. honestly it doesn’t really matter though, bc this movie is heartwarming and sweet and something i think everyone should see!

rating: ✮✮✮



50 50

director: jonathan levine

cinematographer: terry stacey

composer: michael giacchino

during a slow moment at work the other day i asked alex to write down the top five films he thinks everyone should see. i think a person’s favorite things – books, movies, songs – say a whole heck of a lot about him or her. when i got home i ordered all the films on his list from the library – and 50/50 was the one to arrive first!

the front of the dvd says “laugh out loud comedy” and i was sooo skeptical given the subject matter of this film…. but g*sh is it funny. seth rogen is THAT comedian and THAT foolish man!!!! when they’re in the bookstore and he goes “you see the little guy in the hat over there? that’s my friend… i take him for walks, for snacks, y’know… to play.” WHY DID I LAUGH FOR TEN MINUTES. WHY DID I ALSO CRY AT THE END OF THIS. this is such a, to quote alex, “heartwarming and heartbreaking” movie and i’m just !!! wow! they struck such an amazing balance with the light and the dark of this film. joseph gordon-levitt is a whole gem and a whole cutie pie and i want to give him everything in the world… i highly recommend this one if you’re looking to laugh, cry, and be totally encouraged by the good in people in one sitting!

rating: ✮✮✮✮


that’s all for this week! i hope you had a lovely start to your monday and an even better start to your week :”) take care everyone!!! and as always – happy film watching!

dana ✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )

friday fun: who would be your best friend in the losers club?

if you’ve seen the film it, you know that the losers club is a gang like no other. misfits love misfits, and here is a group who’ll support one another through all the ups and downs of growing up… and not fitting in. who wants to be normal, anyway?

↓ take the quiz below to find out who your best friend in the losers club would be!

who’s it gonna be?

was it who you thought it would be? sometimes we find friends in the unlikeliest places. opposites attract, after all! check the results below to learn a little more about your new friendship!


bill denbrough


being best friends with bill means someone always has your back! a born leader and unceasingly loyal, he’ll always be there to stand up for you or give you a hand. your average day together would include lots of bike rides around the neighborhood and afternoons spent swimming.


ben hanscom


being best friends with ben means having a creative mind at your side! expect lots of silly poems dashed off and left on your mirror, as well as some overdo fines from when he took out books with your library card. your average day together would include studying a new language and lying in the grass to watch the clouds.


stan uris


being best friends with stan means your rational half is always at your side! his gentle nature makes him easy to get along with, and he’s one heck of a good listener. your average day together would include eating lots of ice cream and playing with dogs at the park.


mike hanlon


being best friends with mike means having a devoted companion through thick and thin! the group thinks he’s the quiet one, but you know better – once he gets comfortable around you, the boy can talk a mile a minute. he’s honest and true, and probably thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread! your average day together would include making daisy chains and skipping stones by the river.


eddie kaspbrak


being best friends with eddie means always having someone to patch you up! the resident mom and hypochondriac, if you sniffle, eddie’s already got a tissue at the ready. and some bandaids, and some neosporin, and your inhaler, and – are you feeling okay today? your average day together would include doing errands in town and making lots of lemonade!


richie tozier


being best friends with richie means the party never stops! he’s the class clown and the loose cannon – expect lots of pranks, innuendoes, and phone calls at 2 am begging you to come get some pizza with him. your average day together would include playing games at the arcade and running around with sparklers at dusk.


beverly marsh


being best friends with beverly would mean the adventures never stop! she’s a free spirit and flourishes out in the open air – expect to be dragged out of bed to watch the sunrise, and to go swimming under the moonlight. your average day together would include visiting the farmer’s market and having picnics out on the lawn.


i hope you had fun taking this quiz – it was a lot of fun to make!! let me know in the comments who your loser club soulmate is, and if it was who you expected or someone totally different! :”) take care everyone, happy friday! and as always – happy film watching!! ❤

dana ✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )

films i’m looking forward to in 2018

it seems the year only just began, yet here we are over halfway through :”0! where does the time go? 2018 has been a decent year for films so far, but as we all know – the best always comes last. i’m super duper excited for the 2019 oscar season and for all of the end-of-year films to finally hit the silver screen – here is a ranking of those i’m looking forward to most!


10. white boy rick

white boy rick

director: yann demange

release date: september 14, 2018

why i’m looking forward to it: did someone say mr. matthew mcconaughey!!! would uhh literally watch anything in the world for him. also max richter (notorious destroyer of my heart + biggest inspiration for me musically) wrote the score so that should be lovely as always!! 1980s detroit + the story of white boy rick? color me intrigued!


9. halloween

jamie lee

director: david gordon green

release date: october 19, 2018

why i’m looking forward to it: listen….. as you all know i hate scary movies and this one looks like it has the potential to give me NIGHTMARES APLENTY but the trailer has me super super intrigued! i haven’t seen the original – i’m going to watch it some time in october to get in the spirit of the season – but this looks like it’s going to be a great sequel. also? it hits theaters on the eve of my birthday! what better way to spend the night than getting the life force scared out of me !!! >:”)


8. skate kitchen

skate kitchen

director: crystal moselle

release date: august 10, 2018

why i’m looking forward to it: girls skateboarding and supporting each other and living their best lives ?? i’m here for it! the skate kitchen girls are amazing and so, so funny and i’m too excited to see them in their first film. rachelle vinberg is such a huge fashion + lifestyle inspiration for me. i really hope this does well – we need more films like this in cinemas!


7. billionaire boys club


director: james cox

release date: august 17, 2018

why i’m looking forward to it: hello taron egerton love of my life!!! um… that’s about it. kevin spacey is in this for heaven knows why but i’ll watch just abt anything for taron so here we are! ansel elgort is in this as well and maybe he’ll do as lovely a job here as he did in baby driver but i don’t have super high expectations for this to be honest. we are taron egerton stans first and humans second!


6. bad times at the el royale

bad times

director: drew goddard

release date: october 12, 2018

why i’m looking forward to it: this is just a case of me loving the aesthetique of a film and having a feeling i’ll enjoy it. i’m not particularly invested in any of the actors, but the premise sounds like it’s right up my alley:

seven strangers, each with a secret to bury, meet at a run-down hotel in lake tahoe in 1960s california. over the course of a fateful night, they all get one last shot at redemption before everything goes wrong.

sounds good to me!


5. first man

first man

director: damien chazelle

release date: october 12, 2018

why i’m looking forward to it: [through a microphone directed into a megaphone] I LOVE YOU MR. RYAN GOSLING THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE !!!! hello beautiful man !!! i can’t believe during my month of birth i’m getting a film that combines history, space, and ryan gosling… it’s like a birthday present made especially for me! damien chazelle directed my favorite film of always and forever whiplash so this is sure to be a good one.


4. the favourite

the favourite

director: yorgos lanthimos

release date: november 23, 2018

why i’m looking forward to it: yorgos lanthimos you’ve done it again and i haven’t even seen it yet! his style of filmmaking intrigues me a great deal – a single viewing of the killing of a sacred deer and i’m already won over. it’s being released pretty late so…. do i smell a potential best picture nom? hm! plus, period drama ?? sign me up! whomst else loves 18th century royalty and seeing emma stone looking absolutely divine in period costuming !!!


3. blackkklansman


director: spike lee

release date: august 10, 2018

why i’m looking forward to it: AAA I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS AND IT’S ALMOST HERE this is going to be so good !!!!!! everything about this film is just perfect: the plot, the cast, the 1970s vibe aaa !!!! i love you spike lee and i love you adam driver i can’t wait to see this as soon as it comes out !! thank you for coming to my ted talk !!!!!


2. the death & life of john f. donovan

the life

director: xavier dolan

release date: september 28, 2018

why i’m looking forward to it: oh heavens i have been hyping this film for ages now your girl is SO EXCITED for this to be released !!!! i was initially interested because ben schnetzer got cast but then i heard who else was starring in it and i was like lads…. LADS!!!! kit harington let me give you every single cent in my pocket !!!! take it all !!!!! xavier dolan is a huge inspiration for me and this is his english-language debut so everyone go support this when it comes out !!!! thank u!!!!


1. the sisters brothers

the sisters

director: jacques audiard

release date: unspecified, some time in 2018

why i’m looking forward to it: YALL DON’T KNOW HOW LOUD I YELLED WHEN I HEARD A WESTERN WAS BEING MADE STARRING MY HUSBAND OF 47 YEARS JOAQUIN PHOENIX. I HAVEN’T STOPPED YELLING SINCE. i literally teared up watching the trailer for this, this is everything i have ever wanted ever and i’m so so so SO excited for it!!! joaquin are you reading this bc i love you so much thank u for doing this western for me!!!!! AAAAAAA !!!!!!


and that concludes my very calm and very collected ranking of the best films to come in autumn + winter of 2018. is everyone getting excited !!! I KNOW I AM!!! which films are you guys looking forward to most? do you think you’ll see any of these when they hit theaters? get the popcorn ready, ladies!!

i hope you guys have a lovely day! and as always – happy film watching !!! :”)

dana ✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )

weekly watches: july 16 – 23

the purge: anarchy


director: james demonaco

cinematographer: jacques jouffret

composer: nathan whitehead

we’re back at it with the purge franchise – this time with the second film in the series! anarchy takes to the streets of the annual purge night, finally giving us the look into this dystopian world that the first installment denied us.

i’m going to keep this review brief because i’m writing it a hot second after the fact and have already forgotten what happened. guess that says a lot about this installment! there’s a lot that could have been done here but unfortunately… was not. the protagonists (with the exception of leo) are boring and annoying, the script is subpar as usual, and nothing happens that actually keeps me invested in the story. i like that we’re introduced to aspects of the purge that we weren’t privy to before, but that’s not saying much considering we were locked in a white upperclass suburban home for the entirety of the first film.

anyways. it’s still a purge movie, and i’m really loving this franchise, so i can’t be too hard on it. better luck for the next two installments!

rating: ✮✮✮


the purge: election year

election year

director: james demonaco

cinematographer: jacques jouffret

composer: nathan whitehead

we’re on a roll with the purge movies, ladies!! election year takes a political turn, both within the film itself and in the implications it has for modern-day america. there is so much going on in this installment that i love – the district gets wild on purge night, huh! the purgers are crazier, the antagonists more heinous, and the murder tourists wearing the founding fathers masks? keep them ten billion feet away from me thanks!!

the acting in this installment is the best by far, but then you hear the dialogue and you’re like ah, yes – this is definitely still a b-movie. regardless, i loved the direction this plot took. so many interesting aspects of the purge are introduced that give weight to the universe these films take place in, allowing us to more fully immerse ourselves in the terror of this world’s reality.

the cinematography does a lot to bring this world to life, and jouffret went OFF on this film. so many shots are beautifully rendered – what immediately comes to mind is the scene where the car is all strung up in christmas lights and the girls are dancing around in the street. was i terrified? yes! was it one of the prettiest things i’ve ever seen? yes!! another scene toward the end caught my attention in particular. when the group is in the church surrounded by the religious iconography, there’s this shot that i love and had to pause the film for: leo’s wearing this white shirt that is drenched in blood, and behind him stands a statue of the christ, who is wearing red and white robes. i’m always ALWAYS a sucker for parallelism and this was a knock-out punch for me, especially given the savior figure metaphor it implies. i would say this shot is a little heavy-handed, but it’s subtle enough that i doubt many people even noticed it in the first place. i see what you’re doing, jouffret! and i thank you kindly!!

rating: ✮✮✮✮


the killing of a sacred deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) COLIN FARRELL, BARRY KEOGHAN

director: yorgos lanthimos

cinematographer: thimios bakatakis

composer: n/a

when you look up the word chilling in the dictionary, this film is the only thing written next to it. and that’s my review!

just kidding! but only slightly. i’d heard great things about this one and knew i had to see it, especially because my honey bun barry keoghan plays a predominant role. add in colin farrell and nicole kidman? a reunion from the beguiled perhaps? in all seriousness, this was a cast destined for great things – and they pulled out all the stops.

this film HAUNTS me. it’s been days since i saw it and i’m still thinking about it constantly – it’s like my brain is trying desperately to process everything it saw over the course of those two hours. and it saw a lot of things.

let’s start with the acting. barry’s performance chilled me to the BONE, absolutely 100% literally speaking. we stan the most talented actor in the world, holy moly. it’s his performance that brings martin to life in so many terrifying ways, and has cemented martin as one of my new favorite film characters of all time. this boy is severely troubled and completely out of touch with reality, by all means someone to pity… but his control over the family, and his insatiable thirst for justice paint him as a god figure within the realm of the plot line. if you type his name into google, the vast majority of the results are how did martin do it? it’s funny that people are so curious, because it’s clear that there’s simply no answer, and that it’s not the point. in reality, martin is the shadow that brings the doctor’s moral quandary into the light.

equally haunting in this film are the script, score, editing, and cinematography. the dialogue is so sterile and so stilted that you can’t help but laugh – really, really nervously. i almost lost my MIND when the doctor is drinking cocktails and casually mentions, “my daughter started menstruating last week.” ME: PLEASE NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN THANK YOU. the whole film is kubrickian in nature, but i saw it most clearly in the cinematography: symmetrical shots, silence + space, and the antiseptic air the entire film seems to have. every image is brilliant, every word delivered with perfect monotone, every character an island in this silent mess of roaring waters. yorgos lanthimos is truly a force to be reckoned with – i don’t think i’ll stop thinking about this film for a long time.

rating: ✮✮✮✮✮


the handmaiden

the handmaiden

director: park chanwook

cinematographer: chung chunghoon

composer: cho youngwuk

i think i must be the only person in the world who didn’t like this film, i’m gonna come right out and say it… aaa and i had such high hopes for it going in! especially after seeing the rave reviews my friends have given it on letterboxd. alas, alas.

i’ll keep this brief, just as i did with anarchy. in fact, i’ll make a list of the good and the bad and then leave it at that!


  • lgbt representation!! it was so refreshing to see, especially in a period drama setting
  • the costuming? gorgeous!
  • i loved the fact that this was both a japanese and a korean language film, my brain kept running around in circles trying to translate both
  • the actors = super talented !!
  • kim minhee is so so so pretty i’m gonna cry


  • lesbian sex scenes directed by a man….. i’m not a huge fan of that. would loved to have seen a woman direct this film
  • comedic aspects felt super stilted and out of place
  • the plot twist that everyone raves about was predictable, at least for me
  • probably the worst pacing i’ve ever seen in a film of this caliber
  • honestly if i start to zone out, esp. on multiple occasions, the film has likely lost all interest for me

anyway, i can kinda see what everyone loves about this film but it just didn’t do it for me. it’s still definitely one worth seeing – whomst else loves supporting lesbians in literally everything they do!!

rating: ✮✮✮


the first purge

First Purge

director: gerard mcmurray

cinematographer: anastas n. michos

composer: kevin lax

finally!! the film i started the franchise for: the first purge! i’m not gonna lie to you… i was confused by the direction this one took. if you remember election year, you know that the way it ends implies a fourth installment that takes place immediately afterward… not one that goes back in time. i don’t understand the order they make these films in, i really don’t. but that’s just me!

anyway. so the first purge was… kind of disappointing. i love the predominantly black cast and the commentary about racism + classism at work here, it’s literally the best part. and black folks taking out the kkk? that’s what i like to see !!! but unfortunately this film is super flimsy and doesn’t hold up to scrutiny very well when you examine what motivates half of the characters.

also… yikes. if you look at the crew i have listed above, none of them are the same as the first three films – and it shows. i’m not saying the purge movies have the best cinematography or scoring in the world, but this installment took a huge L on both. i knew right from the start that jouffret wasn’t dp, and it became increasingly apparent that whitehead hadn’t written the score, either. i feel like so much could have been done with those luminous colored contacts that the purgers wore, but!!! alas. i think i just have super high expectations after how good election year was.

this isn’t my least favorite in the series (nothing will ever be worse than the first installment) but it definitely isn’t impressive by any means, either. oh, well. i love these movies and have grown so fond of them – hearing the purge siren still gives me chills, every time.

rating: ✮✮


that’s all for this week, friends! have you seen the first purge yet? if so, what did you think? what would be your plan of action for purge night? i hope you guys had a lovely week, and that you have a great one ahead of you. and as always – happy film watching!! ❤

dana ✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )

if i were a director…

zoowee mama! my first post on this blog that isn’t a weekly watches review :”0 i thought i would start posting content here more regularly (at least, more than once a week) so here we are! without further ado…

━━━☞ dana presents: if i were a director!

i’ve been thinking lots lately (more like fantasizing) about what it would be like to be a famous director. i know it’s not all fun and games, and that it’s a ton of hard, consistent work – but here is the life my dream director self would be living !! :o)


genre of choice:

period drama! history has been a passion of mine for as long as i can remember, and i’ve always been drawn to period films above all. the costuming and set design showcased in these films as of late are absolutely gorgeous, breathing life into what can sometimes seem the cold and untouchable past. war dramas are my favorite subgenre – testament of youth and dunkirk are near and dear to my heart.

if i could film a period drama of my own, it would take place during the first world war – a moment in history that will never cease to fascinate me.


my go-to actor:


it seems every director has one: scorsese and de niro, wes anderson and bill murray, the coen brothers and josh brolin. i’m not sure how it comes about, but directors seem to have their favorites – the actors who appear again and again in their films, who sometimes have roles written especially for them. if i were a director, living my dream director life, my go-to actor would be mr. matthew mcconaughey! ugh, living the dream indeed…

mcconaughey is one of my all-time favorite actors and i have a steadfast belief that there is nothing he can’t do. rom-com love interest? check. loyal father, brave space pioneer? check. A MALE STRIPPER WITH A PENCHANT FOR ALL THINGS TEXAS? amazing. just amazing! i loved seeing him in a period drama setting in free state of jones, as well as any other place where his gorgeous accent is on full display.

if i could cast him in any film i think i’d like to see him in something a little quirkier – maybe not quite wes anderson, but perhaps something the coen bros or martin mcdonagh would write. maybe a dark comedy? i think he would really flourish in something along the lines of seven psychopaths, with more of a focus on the central character (aka mcconaughey) and the bizarre events that are beginning to unfold in his life with a greater and greater frequency.


my cinematographer of choice:


i wavered quite a bit on this one – whomst else loves roger deakins with their whole mind body and soul – but i decided to go with my a1 since day 1, hoyte van hoytema :o)! did this picture tip the balance slightly? it may have! the concept of chris and hoyte going so far as to throw a snorkel + goggles on and get into the action itself… i love it.

i admire hoytema’s work a great deal, especially his work on interstellar and dunkirk. i can’t even begin to imagine crafting such beautiful shots on such a massive scale as a nolan film, but he did: that! getting those imax cameras in all the nooks and crannies of the air + sea for dunkirk must have been a huge challenge but he worked his magic and… wow. feels like you’re right there with them in the heat of battle, doesn’t it?


my composer of choice:


this is a no-brainer, ladies: you know my man carter burwell would be on this gal’s films in an instant! as you all surely know, carter is my favorite film composer and has written so many of the scores i come back to again and again. being the coen brothers’ most beloved composer, he has a way of crafting music that gives life to the struggle between light and dark, the balance between comedy and tragedy. gosh i love him so much. he’s so talented and so inspiring – i know regardless of what genre i threw at him he’d create something timeless and beautiful.


director friends:

every director needs director friends: to support, to give advice, and to call in the middle of the night when you’re having a mental breakdown. if i could choose two best friends for my dream director self, the choice is clear: christopher nolan and the coen brothers! so technically it’s three, but ethan and joel are a packaged deal as we all know :o)

chris nolan is my favorite director of all time and is so endlessly inspiring to me. his determination, his ability to craft a seamless narrative, and his knowledge of every single aspect of a movie set are just the tip of the ~reasons to love chris nolan~ iceberg. being friends with the legend himself would mean always having someone to go to for advice or encouragement. and maybe a spot of tea while we’re at it!

the coen bros are a close second for favorite director, and a pair i’ve always admired. their quirkiness and style of storytelling never fail to inspire me, especially since i see a lot of myself in the way they approach film. something just seems so familiar about how they work – i’ll watch a scene in one of their movies and think with a start, “wow! i would have done that the same way.” for this very reason i think they’d be my go-to for brainstorming new ideas. i can imagine no greater bliss than batting around film sketches with the two legends of storytelling themselves.


lastly – date to the oscars:


every oscar-nominated director needs a handsome date for the big night! if i could walk down the red carpet with anyone, i’d choose the most handsomest of them all: ben schnetzer! he’s one of my favorite actors, and in my dream world i’d cast him in all of my films, right alongside mcconaughey. doesn’t he have the most beautiful smile! we stan the cutest honey bun in the whole world!!! ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡


━━━☞ so! have you thought about your own dream life as a director?

let me know in the comments what kind of films you’d make, actors you’d cast, and everything else in between! and who knows – maybe someday we’ll see each other on the big night, ready to accept our academy awards :”)

take care, friends! and until next time – happy film watching!!

dana ✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )

weekly watches: july 9 – 16



director: andrew neel

cinematographer: ethan palmer

composer: n/a

if you know me, you know that ben schnetzer is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite actors of all time… how to NOT love his beautiful smile and kind personality and unbelievable talent as an actor!!! i love u ben!!!!! ( ´ ▽ ` ) he has a relatively short filmography and i’ve been slowly but surely working my way through it. this was my most anticipated film on the list and i finally got to see it!

& i have one thing to say!

frat boys are the most terrifying creatures on the planet earth and i want them ten billion feet away from me at all times!

thank u! i have maintained this opinion for the past three years of college and this film only solidified my terror. wow. wow! goat is a horrifying look into the fraternity culture and the toxic masculinity that pervades its rituals, customs, and interactions with other groups. some of the scenes in this film were so gross and awful that i couldn’t watch them… honestly, this entire film was hard for me to watch bc it’s literally 100 straight minutes of ben getting beaten up and yelled at. thanks, i hate it!

in all reality, i loved this film. it was intensely captivating and kept me glued to my seat, wondering how on earth it could get any worse. spoiler alert – it always did! ben’s performance is just phenomenal, giving life to the precarious balancing act taking place inside his character: emasculation vs. the desperate need to assert oneself as a worthy and dominant male.

rating: ★★★★


berlin syndrome


director: cate shortland

cinematographer: germaine mcmicking

composer: bryony marks

i watched this film after a really long shift at work and as you can imagine, started to nod off a bit over the course of its runtime… although i’m wondering if that was because i was exhausted, or because this film was just, uh… boring.

i understand why this film has been filed under the thriller genre but i was not thrilled at all >:”0 and that’s truly a shame, because i feel like there was so much more that could have been done to shake things up. i wasn’t even remotely interested in what was happening in this film. like… at all. he takes her yes, and she tries to escape yes… but there was just something missing.

part of my inability to enjoy this film probably comes from the fact that half of the dialogue is in german, and there were no subtitles for it. i don’t know if that was just a problem on my end or if it was intentional but i’m gonna guess a lot was revealed during the parts where the antagonist was speaking in german… and i missed it. as a result his character was painfully one-dimensional and i had no concept of what his motivations were or how anything else factored into why he kidnapped her in the first place. ok!

all in all i found this film incredibly boring and have already forgotten half of what happened. better luck next time!

rating: ★★


green room


director: jeremy saulnier

cinematographer: sean porter

composer: brooke + will blair

can i just say how much i love the poster for this film!! machetes are such an underrated weapon in film and that is a true injustice!

so anyway here i am back with another thriller!!! i’ve been wanting to watch this film for ages – everyone on letterboxd was saying how wild it is and that it’s a real nerve-shredder which scared me bc… my nerves? easily shredded! but it wasn’t too bad after all! definitely thrilling and definitely wild… but manageable for a girl with only one brain cell to dedicate to horror-thriller films.

i had an amazing time watching this!!! green room has everything i love in a film: great cinematography, superb acting, and a plotline centered around a punk rock group that takes out neo nazis. what’s better than this!! i feel like this review is all over the place but there are just so many things that were immaculately done and i want to talk about all of them at the same time!

first of all, the sound? WOW! please watch this film with headphones on – the stereo field they’ve crafted puts you directly in the soundscape of the movie, and it lends so much depth to the experience. it really feels like you’re right there alongside the characters.

second of all, the acting? yes we stan!! every character and every motivation and every action is so painfully believable that it’s hard to imagine these people aren’t actually being trapped by terrifying, machete-wielding skinheads.

lastly, this is probably just a me thing but i loved the costume design! all the antagonists wear just about the same outfit, and i was super duper digging it: bomber jackets + jeans cuffed at the bottom + doc marten boots with red laces + a machete? ok, you had me at the bomber jackets but wowowow catch me loving this look literally any day of the week! i know they’re nazi trash but shoot, their ~unofficial uniform~ is pretty darn cute.

so in conclusion everyone go see this film right now immediately! a24 you’ve done it again my friends!!

rating: ★★★★


what we do in the shadows

vampire style!

directors: jemaine clement + taika waititi

cinematographers: richard bluck + dj stipsen

composer: plan 9


wow. WOW! i had heard amazing amazing amazing things about this film on letterboxd and was so excited when it arrived at the library for me. did it meet every one of my expectations? NOPE! it exceeded them!!!!!

i literally don’t even know what to say about this. it’s just… brilliant. the editing. the mockumentary format. LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE CHARACTERS. viago is so precious wow alexa how do i protect this 300 year old vampire with my entire life !!!!!! this is my first taika waititi film and i now understand the hype surrounding this man…. not only is he one of the funniest actors i’ve ever seen he’s also an INCREDIBLY talented director. more films please taika!!!!


rating: ★★★★★


what a good week for film my friends !!! we had my honey bunches of oats ben schnetzer, some neo nazis getting their just desserts, and also the funniest film to exist in all of human history. not bad! not bad at all! :”)

i hope you have a great week guys! take care, and happy film watching!! ❤

dana ✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )

weekly watches: july 2 – 9

the purge

the purge

director: james demonaco

cinematographer: jacques jouffret

composer: nathan whitehead

to quote my review on


thank u. the purge has been a staple of the average american’s horror diet for quite some time now. it seems everyone has seen it, or at least knows the premise well enough to have seen it, and today i figured hey – it’s about time i see it, too! in broad daylight of course! while simultaneously fearing for my life because humans are terrifying and unpredictable creatures!

i’d heard that this film wasn’t very good but i still had hope bc the premise is really interesting… alas, the direction the first purge film takes is so boring i cannot believe they chose to start out the series this way. why on earth would they have this incredibly fascinating dystopian horror film take place in a WHITE UPPERCLASS NEIGHBORHOOD, where literally NOTHING happens, to characters whom we feel NO SYMPATHY toward ?? i’m just confused! i was exponentially more interested in what was going on in the rest of america, where… actual purges were happening… than this place. like. what.

the antagonists are uninteresting and one-dimensional and the protagonists even more so… i swear this couple has the most idiotic pair of children on the entire planet !!! nothing they do makes sense once in this entire film !!! also? spoiler alert but what was the purpose of having the dad shoot the boyfriend… why was the boyfriend even there his death literally had zero consequence for the rest of the film! i was so hopeful that the daughter was going to go on some grief-stricken-murderous-rampage but all she does is whimper and stare blankly into space… while getting lost in the house ?? her own home? ok that makes sense good work team

anyway. the first purge comes out tomorrow, july 4, and i’m excited to see that one! i’m not sure it’ll be any better than the original but it’s worth a shot. after seeing the newest addition i’m definitely going to go back and watch the rest :o)

rating: ✮✮✮


atomic blonde


director: david leitch

cinematographer: jonathan sela

composer: tyler bates

who was going to tell me that this takes place during the cold war and not some time in the near-distant future! literally all i could think of during the entire film was this post on tumblr:

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 4.35.32 PM

it makes me laugh literally every time i think of it… please… anyway needless to say i wasn’t totally engaged during this movie. halfway through i got bored and started to fall asleep a little bit, but i stuck it out, and i’m glad i did – an extra star because i liked the ending so much! charlize theron, aka imperator furiosa, is not to be messed with! that’s the message we should all take away from this film!!! really, she is the best thing about atomic blonde – i could watch her take down full-grown men with her bare hands literally all day long.

unfortunately, her brilliant action scenes are like these little pretty islands lost in a flood of poor storytelling… i’ve seen others express the same sentiment after seeing this film: the plotline is just too confusing to follow, especially on a first watch. not only is it confusing, but it’s also a bit weak in general. it seems like the heavy neon 80s aesthetic + the soundtrack are an effort to mask that fact, but the plot is the true foundation of a good film. if it’s weak, it doesn’t matter if the house on top of it is pretty – the whole thing is going to come tumbling down.

rating: ✮✮✮


hail, caesar!


director: the coen brothers

cinematographer: roger deakins

composer: carter burwell !!

can we all just take a moment to thank God for the dynamic trio that is roger deakins, carter burwell, and the coen brothers… everything they do is absolute perfection. whomst else is still recovering from no country for old men! or is that just me!!!

there are so many things i want to say about this film because it is LITERALLY one of the only perfect films i have ever seen. ever! i knew this was a coen bros film and yet halfway through i was like wait a second is this wes anderson!!! i see ralph and tilda where are owen wilson and bill murray hiding!!! oh my goodness ethan and joel knocked it out of the PARK on this one. first of all, the cast is literally burgeoning with talent. george clooney? hello! channing tatum? hello! my mother frances mcdormand? i love you! and josh brolin… is so talented and so gorgeous and every single word he says in this film is asmr… my favorite part is when the kid comes riding up on his bike and he whips around and says “what’s up, peanut?” I WANT IT ON REPEAT FOR TEN HOURS

secondly, the score is magnificent. carter, my father? a legend among men. he loves his chimes and clarinets so much and i love that because his scores are instantly recognizable… the trademark burwell sound is strong here. and the cinematography? BEAUTIFUL! deakins deserves every one of those 14 oscars he was nominated for!!! every single one!!! hail, caesar! is so colorful and gorgeous and funny, like a scene from a dream – a dream i’d like to live in forever :o)

the last thing i want to say about this film is my favorite thing – and his name is hobie doyle!!! it seems everyone on letterboxd is head over heels for alden ehrenreich and i had no idea why until i saw this film… HOW ON EARTH DID SUCH A CUTE BOY COME INTO BEING… hobie is literally the softest, sweetest, most earnest, most innocent little babie in all of cinema… 11/10 would protect with my entire life ㅠㅠ

i loved this film so much that i watched it two nights in a row – i highly highly highly recommend it!! my favorite coen bros film to date :”)

rating: ✮✮✮✮✮




director: greg mottola

cinematographer: russ t. alsobrook

composer: lyle workman

the second film this week that everyone else has seen and i am just now watching… hello superbad, oh you treasure trove of references. i’ve heard from so many people that it’s the funniest movie ever, it’s so iconic, etc etc. mclovin, am i right ladies? how many times did i hear that referenced in high school, dear heavens!

but uhh lads, be honest with me – am i the only one who doesn’t think this film is the peak of all comedy?

be honest with me… i can take it…

i just didn’t get it tbh. after the subtle, quirky humor of hail, caesar! i think my expectations were a little too high. there are so so so many dick jokes here, most of which are really lame, and the whole film is so saturated in sex references that i could feel the actual humor in the writing slowly evaporating… yikes! superbad is almost two hours in length – far too long for it to have this brand of humor as its centerpiece. luckily michael cera is front and center in this film – everything he touches is automatically funny or amusing, at least in part. love my best friend in the world michael austin cera!

my favorite bit is dave franco’s five second cameo during the infamous “CALM DOWN GREG, IT’S SOCCER” scene thank u so much… i screamed when i realized it was him please! we stan that shaggy-haired legend !!!!

rating: ✮✮✮


welp, that’s all for this week! i hope you have a lovely monday, everyone. happy film watching!!! :”)

dana ✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )

weekly watches: june 25 – july 2

raging bull

raging bull

director: martin scorsese

cinematographer: michael chapman

composer: pietro mascagni

my mom’s favorite director in the entire world is martin scorsese. anytime she mentions him i literally cannot think of anything but this tweet

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 9.48.23 PM

the peaceful energy this image radiates is so powerful,, he’s just sitting there,, gently…

anyway! so when my mom got this film out of the library you better BELIEVE this was what my brain looked like the entire time we were watching it! raging bull is probably one of the more plotless films i’ve ever seen, which is a shame, because i had high hopes for it. from the very beginning of the film i had almost entirely lost interest in the story. who was i supposed to be cheering on? certainly not jake la motta. what was i supposed to be waiting for? where was the main conflict? i still have no idea! i can’t lie to you.

jake is obviously not the most wholesome person in the world but i felt totally alienated from him, from start to finish. the best worst characters are like mirrors – we hate them because they reflect back at us our own flaws and shortcomings. in this way we can relate to them, even if we do want to drop them in a vat of boiling water. unfortunately, jake is just problematic. try as i might i couldn’t muster even the barest connection with him, and eventually lost interest in his story. this film is number 24 on afi’s 100 greatest american movies of all time, a list i’m slowly working my way through, so i’m glad to have seen it for that reason, if any.

also… robert de niro is crazy handsome in this film but you didn’t hear it from me!

rating: ✮✮


seven psychopaths

seven more

director: martin mcdonagh

cinematographer: ben davis

composer: carter burwell !!

where’s that tweet about how this film is literally just a self-insert fan-fiction for martin mcdonagh!!! guys i’ve been wanting to watch this for so so so long now and i’ve finally watched it and !!!



thank u !!! wow! it’s true what they say: everything academy award-winning actor mr. sam rockwell touches turns to gold! this film was everything i had hoped for and more. sam annihilating yet another role as the loopy character who’s slightly out of touch with reality? woody harrelson as the whiny villain who loves his dog more than he loves himself? COLIN FARRELL AS AN IRISH SCREENWRITER NAMED MARTIN WRITING A FILM CALLED SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS ?? revolutionary! beautiful! fantastic! never been done before !!! i knew after seeing three billboards back in january that mcdonagh was going to be a new favorite director of mine – and i was right!

the dark comedy is a genre that doesn’t normally appeal to me, but martin does it in all the right ways. the humor in this film is subtle and nuanced and PLEASE i rewinded so many scenes because i was laughing so hard and missed the important dialogue… it’s the smallest things, i swear. every actor shines in this film, bringing so many different personalities to the table that it feels like a gatsby party, each character more fascinating than the last. and the ending. PLEASE. perfect. flawless. amazing. never been done before!

this is probably the most incoherent review i’ve written on this blog so far! go see seven psychopaths so you can understand the stupor that i am in at this very moment !!! we love you sam rockwell !!!!!!!! aaaaa !!!!!!!!!!

rating: ✮✮✮✮✮


the simpsons movie


director: david silverman

cinematographer: n/a

composer: hans zimmer


me: hey austin what film should we watch on this last day before u leave

austin: ……hey look the simpsons movie!!!


i was skeptical going into this one i’m not gonna lie! i’m not a huge simpsons fan in the first place so i figured i’d fall asleep halfway through or smth (plot twist austin fell asleep… again… on top of me thanks) but i actually really enjoyed this! i laughed at approximately 47% more of the jokes than i thought i would considering how Dumb the simpsons humor can be… what can i say! i’m easy to please! bumblebee man was my favorite character every time he came on screen i yelled BEE MAN !!! and woke austin up LMAO


rating: ✮✮✮✮


kingsman: the secret service


director: matthew vaughn

cinematographer: george richmond

composers: henry jackman + matthew margeson

ok so! this is a film that has been on my watchlist for ages and ages… i’ve heard rave reviews from everyone and all of my friends love it so i was like !!! let’s get this party started let’s see what the hype is all about !!!

wow! that was not as good as i thought it was going to be. like… not even remotely close. the concept is so great! the cast is so great! what went wrong matthew vaughn !!! kingsman is like action film meets gawky teen comedy and it misses the mark on both… the action scenes are well done but come off as… a little tacky? and i think the targeted demographic here is teenagers because the humor is quite… uh… lame. and that ending? are you joking ?? no spoilers but… how on earth did such a misogynistic piece of nonsense make it into the final cut? nice work team! could not have ended it in a more ridiculous fashion.

i knew taron first as edward brittain from testament of youth so this film was severely underwhelming… scrolling through his tag on tumblr i’d seen so many people losing their MINDS over eggsy unwin yall i was ready to fall in love with this boy !!! head over heels !!! alas… alas…

rating: ✮✮✮


schindler’s list


director: steven spielberg

cinematographer: janusz kaminksi

composer: john williams

my second afi greatest film of the week – schindler’s list comes in at number 9 on the list. watching this film was a fairly big undertaking for me, i’m gonna be honest. when i saw that it was three hours long (spanning two discs) i groaned so LOUD and was so close to just 86ing the whole idea… but my mom kept telling me how amazing it was and i’m also trying to finish the entire afi list so i figured… what the heck. it’s a sunday night. what else am i gonna do?

we made the right decision again, girls! schindler’s list is a cinematic masterpiece in every sense of the word. it’s three hours long but never feels tedious, keeping you glued to your seat and imbuing you with a desire to know and to feel everything about the events unfolding over the course of the film. oskar schindler is just… the most saintly man who ever lived. google search how to let oskar schindler know that he did so much good for humanity and saved so many lives and deserves every wonderful thing in the world !!!

for me, the high point of this film is ralph fiennes’ performance as the antagonist amon goeth. first of all, ralph pulls out ALL the stops when it comes to these wickedly complex characters. you want to hate goeth with literally every fiber in your being, yet some part of you is hesitant. writers from raging bull – take notes! ralph does an impeccable job of capturing the neuroses and (faint) glimmers of humanity that are so crucial to goeth’s character. the “you are pardoned” scene is probably one of my favorites in all of cinema to date. amon goeth is one sick, sick fellow.

rating: ✮✮✮✮✮



this was truly the week of beautiful men starring in black-and-white classic films! robert de niro, ralph fiennes, and liam neeson… instant ko!!

i hope you guys have a great monday and a great week ahead! happy film watching! :o)

dana ✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )

weekly watches: june 18 – 25

edward scissorhands


director: tim burton

cinematographer: stefan czapsky

composer: danny elfman

alright,,, are yall gonna tell me why it took me so LONG to see this masterpiece!!! hello!!!!! austin and i were hanging out after he came back from firefly (aka he fell asleep ten minutes after i got there) and on a total whim i decided to watch it,,, an Excellent Decision in retrospect.

here’s a question: why are all the sweetest softest characters i’ve encountered recently named edward ?? i’m looking at u edward brittain,,

but back to edward scissorhands. this film is so much at once: bright, colorful set design + costuming, a lovably dangerous protagonist, and the gaudiest, most grandiose score ever to top it all off. yet the story itself is a simple one: misfit orphan discovers love, in all its myriad forms. from the very beginning edward endears himself to you, with his social ineptitude and gentle demeanor (me waking up austin every five minutes: HE’S A BABIE !!!) it’s the contrast between edward’s dangerous disability and his meek nature that really grabs you by the heartstrings – like a baby tiger born with paws that are too big. this film is so pretty and so sweet and young winona you are an absolute PRINCESS i love u so so so much,, my girl ♡

rating: ✮✮✮✮✮


v for vendetta


director: james mcteigue

cinematographer: adrian biddle

composer: dario marianelli

remember remember the fifth of november ladies! aka academy award-winning actor mr. sam rockwell’s birthday !!!

wait. is that not what this movie is about?

v for vendetta has got to be one of the most complex films i’ve watched as of late. there are overarching themes everywhere: love, loss, anarchy, rebellion, life after death, and probably dozens more that aren’t occurring to me at the moment. with so many on the table it would’ve been easy for this film to have turned out a mess – and yet! it captures the essence of them all with little to no clumsiness. a job well done.

also – full offense but v is my literal father !!! would do anything for that man! would literally dismantle an entire fascist government and start an absurdly dramatic and over-the-top rebellion for that man! i’m so so so glad he stays true to himself until the very end, never wavering, even after encountering evey. we love a masked vigilante, do we not !!!

the thing i love most about this film is actually one of the quotes we hear toward the end. i’ll leave it here:

❝ i hope that whoever you are, you escape this place. i hope that the world turns and that things get better. but what i hope most of all is that you understand what i mean when i tell you that even though i do not know you and even though i may never meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you, i love you. with all my heart, i love you. ❞

rating: ✮✮✮✮


ocean’s 8


director: gary ross

cinematographer: eigil bryld

composer: daniel pemberton

the other day austin and i decided to do a double feature with our free employee tickets for the afternoon – and this was the first film we saw!

we had the entire theatre to ourselves, which meant that literally anytime someone famous appeared on screen (aka every five minutes) one of us would SCREAM their name,, i swear austin yelled RIHANNA !!!! twenty times thanks

anyway! ugh i know i know i know i should have watched the other ocean’s movies before i saw this one, apparently the original film is IMMACULATE and it’s been on my to-watch list for ages!! but this was pretty decent on its own! i love love LOVED the all-female cast (me anytime helena appeared on screen: MY WIFE !!! ♡__♡) and it was so refreshing to see women just being women: eating what they want, working together without conflict, doing their Thang with their individual talents. more films like this please!! ocean’s 8 is super empowering, and i hope it paves the way for future female-dominated casts.

the future is female ladies!!!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

rating: ✮✮✮




director: jeff tomsic

cinematographer: larry blanford

composer: germaine franco

part two of our double feature!! i’d been wanting to see this ever since i’d seen the trailer so many months ago. ed helms is: the love of my life! and that’s the tea! throw in jeremy renner, jon hamm, and hannibal buress and i am SOLD,, this cast had so so much potential. i was a little worried going in that it wouldn’t be very good…

and i was wrong! i loved this film!! the fact that it’s based on a true story is so wild to me, especially given how hard they go in the movie. if you don’t know the premise, here it is: for decades the same group of friends have been competitively playing tag every year for a solid month, no-holds-barred. and it gets WILD, my friends. during the end credits they show real footage of the actual group playing tag and it is absolutely insane,,, these men are true american heroes, among the ranks of johnny knoxville and the jackass lads.

not only was this film super funny, it was actually really sweet, too. it’s a lovely testament to the power of friendship and the enduring bonds we form with those to whom we are closest. if i was capable of running without collapsing after five seconds i would absolutely start up a game of tag just like this with my own friends :o)

rating: ✮✮✮✮


that’s it for this week! i just got some movies i’ve been anxious to watch from the library, so expect reviews for those in the coming week! happy monday friends, and happy film watching!! ˊᗜˋ

dana ✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )